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Kelly Kabbes (2011)

I thought the class was a great way to get a solid broad understanding of the things we need to know before going into private practice. I also thought that it did a great job addressing some specifics about opening your own practice (i.e. the pay scale spreadsheet, things needed in your office, what to consider when posting your picture/profile on a marketing website, etc.). I enjoyed hearing a positive spin put on this for a change. Many professors and other professionals make it sound so daunting and overwhelming and that is discouraging to many newbie therapists so I really enjoyed leaving there with a sense that I can do this and it's not overwhelmingly difficult. I felt more empowered and more in control when I left the class. I do think there are still many small details yet to learn but I feel like this class gave me a great base of knowledge and clues as to what to do next. And also for the areas that weren't covered in detail (i.e. web material, tax information, etc.) you gave us great resources that we can use to gain the knowledge and information that we need in those areas. Overall it was a great experience and I would highly recommend it for anyone that is considering going into private practice!

Michelle Bohls

Michelle Miller Bohls is a psychotherapist, author and speaker living in Austin, Texas. She specializes in helping intuitive, sensitive, creative individuals thrive in a world that is biased toward the logical and linear. Michelle also specializes in couples counseling, GLBTQ counseling and relationship coaching. Her primary treatment approaches include EMDR, Interpersonal Therapy, Jungian Therapy, Imago Relationship Therapy and Group Therapy.