Relationships Can Be Challenging Without Relationship Help

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Most people are attempting to have relationships without the information or perspective they need for success. Every time we attempt to solve our problems, we end up making it worse. The defensiveness kicks in and the conflict escalates. Most couples are shocked when they learn how simple the tools are to learn. In just a weekend, you will see your conflicts in a completely different way. If you would prefer to have more privacy, you can consider couples counseling or a 2-day couples intensive if you live away from Austin, Texas. If you want to work on your personal communication patterns, you might consider group therapy.

Couples Counseling

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Relationships can challenge the most highly functioning adults. It can be the kryptonite that brings the best of us to our knees.

I help couples learn better communication skills — new ways of talking and listening that can make a big difference in your relationship. You CAN deepen your connection. Enjoy the partnership you've always wanted.

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Group Work

Is Group Therapy right for you?

Group therapy is a means of learning how to be your authentic self in relationship with other people.

In addition to being more affordable than private counseling sessions, group work serves to deepen our
understanding of our own emotional lives while providing us insight into the emotional lives
of other people. It can foster growth both for you as an individual as well as growth towards becoming a better friend, co-worker, parent or partner.

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