What does it mean to be Intuitive?

  • At different times in my life I have had exciting and fantastic ideas, great bursts of energy, and inspirational visions. Then at other times there are too many thoughts at once and I feel overwhelmed. I have struggled with anxiety, procrastination, and just feeling stuck. Why can't I just get this together?

  • I tested as intuitive on the Myers-Briggs, but I don’t know what that means.

  • I was always told, "You are too sensitive."

  • I hated doing school work or having to sit through some of my classes. I often spent time daydreaming or doodling in class. I really struggled to think the way they expected me to think and it made me wonder if I am not smart.

  • I get frustrated never knowing if the scenarios and stories that my mind creates are true, but they make me very anxious.

  • I feel different, like an outsider. I don't mind because it feels good to know that I am unique, but it can also feel really lonely.

  • Sometimes it feels like too much. It feels like I collect feelings from my surroundings. I have no control over this and I feel moody when I am pushed and pulled by these emotions.

  • Often times I get a gut instinct about a person. I pick up on what other people are thinking and feeling just by being around them. I make uncanny guesses that usually turn out to be right. It is like I just 'downloaded' some image or an idea about their life.

  • I feel confused about what my purpose is.