Magnus Bohls, CLC

Emotion and Mindset Coaching in Austin, Texas


Hi, I’m Magnus Bohls

It can be overwhelming to deal with life and its many stressors on your own. When we are overwhelmed it can be difficult to figure what to do next. The challenge is to distinguish our many thoughts and feelings from that grounded intuition that would guide us through those big decisions with the kind of focused confidence we desire.

Should we stay or go? Ask for more?

Give up and move on or stay and do the work to improve the current situation? It's helpful to have someone to explore these questions with and find answers that ring true to what you want out of life.

Many of us stay alone with our difficult thoughts and feelings until our mindsets become toxic and unreasonable.

If that has happened to you, I can help.

In my work, I partner with creative people/artists and couples to move forward out of feelings of hopelessness and low self esteem to achieve their dreams. Feeling lost or scared to put yourself out there? I help people get unstuck and find their path out of dark places. I work with clients to simplify their lives and take action to get what they truly want. I could be a good fit for you if you want to find fulfillment, serenity and the energy to find clarity with your current unresolved issues. My coaching style emphasizes empowering my clients by asking thought provoking questions to shed light on their challenges and find the best path forward and creating safer, clearer communication when working with couples. It can be incredibly helpful to talk through your struggles and uncover  what the real challenge is for you. I provide perspective, accountability and support for those who want to grow into their best self. Let’s find your dreams and make them come true!

You can move past the jumble of thoughts, the anxiety, the hopelessness, the confusion, and the scary stories to find a better way.

We’ll find a way forward. 

Call me to find out if I would be a good fit for you!


Sessions are scheduled weekly unless otherwise arranged.
45-minute Sessions, $195

Payment Methods:

Zelle or Venmo
No credit cards are accepted.

Call 512-406-1260 to schedule an appointment or email me at

Find Me : (512) 406-1460

Building Map

Directions to Shift Spaces 8500 Shoal Creek Blvd. Building 4, Suite 114:
From Mopac Expressway (Loop1)
Exit Steck Ave, turn RIGHT onto Steck
LEFT to Shoal Creek Blvd.
Left into parking lot in front or behind building.

Please note that there are 4 buildings at 8500.
My office is to the left, left past the bathrooms on the first floor.