Group Psychotherapy

Therapy Groups

Therapy groups offer a crucial way to explore your personal relationship dynamics which include your personal thought patterns in relationship to other people. This exploration is critical if your goal is to better understand yourself in relationship to others. Many find that listening to others helps them to better understand their own thoughts and feelings. Exploring our feelings and listening to others talk about theirs can alleviate shame and loneliness, and give us greater ease in our daily social interactions.

Many people have problems establishing or maintaining close and gratifying relationships with others. Others may want to just understand their current relationships better. You may want to grow in becoming more authentic about your feelings with others and get honest feedback in return. The therapy group creates an environment where this type of interpersonal exploration can occur.

Group therapy in Austin varies from $40-$80 a week. Group is best done in conjunction with individual therapy due to the complex or intense feelings that can get stirred in group as you work over time.

The issues worked on vary for each group member with a wide range including making money, decreasing debt, challenges with food, destructive behaviors, all types of anxiety, depression, identity, relationship concerns with partners, children, and friends, career challenges, and procrastination. Many of the members are entrepreneurial and creative and spend time in group talking about the challenges of being an intuitive person in a world biased for logical and linear thinking.

Group Therapy

Personal Growth Through Therapy Groups

What is a "Process Group?"

Unlike the simple two-person relationship between patient and therapist in individual therapy, group therapy offers multiple relationships to assist the individual in growth and problem solving. Process Groups use the group context and group processes explicitly as a mechanism of change by developing, exploring and examining interpersonal relationships within the group and using the "process" in the moment for greater self understanding.

Ongoing Process Group

Tuesday Evenings at 4pm or

Tuesday Evenings at 6pm
Co-Lead by Michelle Bohls, LMFT
& Dave Kapolwitz, LMFT

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What can I expect if I join a group?"

I co-lead two groups that have been actively going for over five years with Dave Kaplowitz, LMFT. Both of our groups are a mix of sexual orientation, race, gender, and relationship status. Both Dave and I are certified as a group psychotherapists by the international board for group psychotherapists.

Over time most group members experience others in the group similarly to the ways in which they experience intimate relationships outside the group, or when they were growing up. This creates an opportunity for members to learn about themselves and how their early life experiences influence their adult relationships. To this end, the main focus is for group members to put their present moment thoughts, feelings, and impulses into words in the moment.

Our groups are for adults. They focus on relationships, feelings, and self-understanding. A commitment to attend every week is expected. Group members pay for the month, regardless of actual attendance. The commitment is for six months with an additional agreement made to discuss your decision to leave group with the other group members as an attempt to understand how it relates to your therapy goals and relationship patterns. Three or more consultation meetings are required with the group co-leaders before beginning group.Together we can explore if group will meet your therapy goals.

Please note that individuals that are suicidal, homicidal, psychotic, new in recovery or in the midst of a major life crisis are not typically placed in group therapy until their behavior and emotional states have stabilized. All therapy groups are mixed gender and sexual orientation. Therapists and counseling students are welcome.