Michelle Bohls, LMFT

Private Practice 101

The foundational business understanding you need to begin your Private Practice

The Private Practice 101 Class is a 4-hour class (or 2.5 hour video and handouts) on the basics of what you need to begin, how to set fees, create an identity as a small business owner, and market yourself. This class is taught by Michelle Bohls, a licensed therapist who built and sustains a full-time, successful (25-30+ hours a week) practice and two long term process groups.

Understand the basic concepts of being a small business owner and learn what makes for a successful entrepreneur, review the financial viability of a private practice, and understand the significance of your belief systems about money on your success.

What do I really need to begin?

      • Do you need a niche?
      • Research highlights on what works for entrepreneurs
      • Can you do it without taking insurance? (yes)
      • Marketing, networking, and other forms of
        business building
      • Online profiles and websites
      • How do you set your fees?
      • Basic business concepts you need to know
        to get started
      • Different business models for you to consider

Questions answered about:

      • Professional Identity
      • Ideal Clients
      • Insurance: in-network vs. Out-of-network
      • Private Pay
      • Training
      • Successful mindsets
      • Networking
      • Marketing
      • Internet
      • Expenses
      • Setting Fees

Dates & Registration


To Be Determined…. Call to inquire.

Cost is $225 or $175 if you register with a colleague, $175 for students and interns or $150 with a colleague or friend.

Here are your two options to register:
1) Squarecash, Chase Quickly or Venmo me at Michelle Bohls or michelle@bohls.net
2) Drop a check to 8500 Shoal Creek Blvd, Bldg IV, Ste 170, Austin, Texas 78757

Contact Michelle

What People Are Saying…


"Thank you for the wonderful workshop last Sunday. Even more of it has been sinking in with me this week, and your advice to cultivate "the best version of myself" has repeated every day in my head!

I'm now more committed than ever to plunge ahead into full-time private practice. You've inspired me to keep doing what I really love, well into an ancient old age."

– Jane (Licensed Professional Counselor,
Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselor, Austin TX (2014).

"This workshop provided so much insight into life as a successful counselor in private practice. Michelle is very knowledgeable about what it takes to do well in this setting and offers authentic and candid advice. I learned a lot and hope to continue learning from Michelle."

– Kate Carmichael, Texas State University, MA Professional Counseling (2010)

"Michelle's Private Practice 101 is a necessity for any therapist, whether a recent graduate or a seasoned practitioner, interested in starting a private practice or wanting to develop an existing practice. After taking this class, I have the confidence and resources needed to transform my professional dreams into reality."

-Anna McElearney, Texas State Student (2011)

"I highly recommend Private Practice 101 for students. After taking this course, so many of the mysteries and fears about starting a private practice have been lifted. I can feel a genuine shift in movement towards a highly successful career as a result of Michelle's informative, thoughtful and inspirational guidance. And how lucky I am to have this edge before my career has begun! Do yourself a favor and don't wait to take this workshop –Do it now."

– St. Edwards LMFT Candidate, 2013 (2011)

"I oftentimes think about your class on starting a private practice. I took it early in the game and I am really glad I did because I gained perspective on the possibilities of income, schedule management, and office decor. Thanks so much!"

– Taylor Seyer, San Fransisco (2009)

"Private Practice 101 is the best introduction to starting a private counseling business I have seen in my grad school experience. Often we learn how to help but do not learn how to provide for ourselves. Michelle detailed important issues such as professional presence, promotion of one's practice, and the cost of doing business. She provided a detailed listing showing the typical operational expenses which must be paid. She showed how to create a positive web presence. And how to market oneself. Overall, it was an outstanding upbeat introduction into the business of private practice."

– St. Edwards University Graduate Student (2010)

"Michelle is vibrant and knowledgeable in her field. She has solid business know how and a genuine desire to help others succeed. I would recommend her Private Practice 101 class to all mental health professionals looking to begin a private practice."

– Lacy Dyke, LPC-S

"I thought the class was a great way to get a solid broad understanding of the things we need to know before going into private practice. I also thought that it did a great job addressing some specifics about opening your own practice (i.e. the pay scale spreadsheet, things needed in your office, what to consider when posting your picture/profile on a marketing website, etc.). I enjoyed hearing a positive spin put on this for a change. Many professors and other professionals make it sound so daunting and overwhelming and that is discouraging to many newbie therapists so I really enjoyed leaving there with a sense that I can do this and it's not overwhelmingly difficult. I felt more empowered and more in control when I left the class. I do think there are still many small details yet to learn but I feel like this class gave me a great base of knowledge and clues as to what to do next. And also for the areas that weren't covered in detail (i.e. web material, tax information, etc.) you gave us great resources that we can use to gain the knowledge and information that we need in those areas. Overall it was a great experience and I would highly recommend it for anyone that is considering going into private practice!"

– Kelly Kabbes (2011)

“I’m a recent graduate of the Master's of Arts in Counseling Program at Texas State University, and currently an LPC-Intern. I took Michelle's Private Practice 101 class in May of 2012, just as I was wrapping up my first of two semesters of internship while at Texas State. I had long had dreams of having a Private Practice, but was very unsure how to develop and sustain such an operation. Michelle's class helped me immensely.

She helped me to realize that my own interests and passions as a therapist were what made me a unique practitioner, and through the course of a handful of hours, she helped me to recognize how my unique traits could be marketed to take advantage of a specific niche within the crowded Central Texas counseling field. Michelle guided the class through an exploration of contemporary forms of marketing, from internet searches and social networking to simple word of mouth. She taught us how to maximize the marketing potential of each form of media in an aggressive yet graceful and highly ethical manner that seemed to mesh perfectly with my own instincts as a psychotherapist and healer.

Michelle also taught us good practices for developing reliable and sustainable self-employment, and helped us to recognize how every aspect of hour lives could be shaped and channeled to make us better business managers and healthier and more effective practitioners. Most importantly, I found through the course of the class a brand new vision for who I am as a counselor, and how my own fear of failure clouded my self-perception and blocked a clear path towards professional satisfaction and success. Michelle is a gifted therapist, and a fantastic educator. If your are a mental health practitioner, I highly recommend that you take this class, if only to benefit from Michelle's insight!"

– Grant Hudson, MA, LPC-Intern (2012)

Private Practice Incubator

A Safe Place to Launch and Build Your Private Practice

The Private Practice Incubator is closed group that includes ten meetings spaced over the course of a year. It is a safe place for you to think about your ideal practice, launch and build it, and get ongoing support when you are struggling.

During the year incubator process, we deeply explore the themes from the Private Practice 101 class, including the clinician's hist
ory and relationship with money, the clinical implications of money decisions, and other topics unique to building a professional psychotherapy or counseling practice.

Each group is limited to ten professionals to insure the best environment for everyone's growth and support.

The Private Practice Incubator runs for 12 months and is closed to new members to increase safety and support. There are ten meetings that run just over a year. Each class is 3 hours. The Private Practice 101 class is required before participating. My tenth incubator class is scheduled to begin January 2017. Contact me if you are interested in future incubator sessions or if you have any questions.

Through workbook exercises, small group discussion and short presentations you will:

      • Create a vision of your ideal practice and ideal clients
      • Explore your belief systems about money and help you resolve inner conflicts that might sabotage your success
      • Develop a strong marketing message, online and networking messages and learn the difference between what messages to give to what audiences
      • Find leads for book keeping, CPA, and legal support, as needed
      • Learn intake call skills and motivational interview strategies to support you in building your practice
      • Review sample paperwork forms as needed
      • Get the motivation, encouragement and support to overcome the very real psychological blocks most people encounter along the way!


Payment Options


Total Cost is $1,000.00
Optional Payment Plan:
$100 due at each session
Credit cards are accepted
*Includes one private consultation

Incubator 10 2:00 PM to 5:00 PM
Sunday, Sep 24, 2017
Sunday, Oct 22, 2017
Sunday, Nov 19, 2017
Sunday, Dec 10, 2017
Sunday, Jan 14, 2018 Download Application

What People Are Saying…


"As I prepared to move out of an agency setting and birth my full-time private practice in 2010, Michelle's Private Practice Incubator offered a nourishing and nurturing blend of left and right brain approaches that both supported and challenged me to take each next step in the process. My hopes, fears, stumbles, and successes were all welcome in the room and the year-long process of the class/group was a truly integrative experience for me. I highly recommend the Incubator to any clinician transitioning to private practice…it's one of the best gifts you can give yourself!"


"Spending the past year in Michelle's private practice class has been one of the best things I have done for my practice. I opened for business in April and have gone from zero to 15 hours per week in about 8 months and I owe much of that to Michelle's great support and advice. It's great getting guidance from someone who has been there already. Michelle is so empathetic and supportive which has helped me get past the inevitable humps and setbacks that are part of starting any new business venture. I'm well on my way to my goal of having a full practice in the coming year. Thanks Michelle!"


A Modern Analytic Training Group

Therapy Group with Therapists

Group members will be encouraged to bring in a wide range of issues including practice building, money and finances, clinical cases, self-care, managing countertransference, professional identity, and life issues. The group work will help therapists tolerate both the anxiety of other people’s difficult feelings and our own self-doubt around our profession. Special attention will be given to interactions in the moment between group members and the barriers to intimacy that arise that ultimately keep us from being present with our clients.


The group will be co-led by Michelle Miller Bohls, LMFT, CGP and Dave Kaplowitz, LMFT, CGP. Dave and Michelle have co-led groups together since 2009, they have co-authored multiple papers on money, and they have presented on the topics of money together at the Austin Group Psychotherapy Society and at Austin AMFT. Note: he cost is $60 a week payable monthly.

This ongoing training group meets weekly Mondays from 11:15am – 12:30pm @ SHIFT therapy spaces at Steck and Shoal Creek in Austin, TX.

Dave Kaplowitz has a private practice in Austin where he works with individuals, couples, and groups helping his clients have more satisfying interpersonal relationships. In addition to the groups he leads with Michelle, Dave leads a modern analytic process group on his own. Dave is active in the community having served on the board of the Austin Association for Marriage and Family Therapy alongside Michelle during her tenure as the President. He is the current President of the Austin Group Psychotherapy Society. Michelle and Dave are dedicated to their personal and professional development and are students at the Center for Group Studies in New York City. Dave has presented multiple times at American Group Psychotherapy Conference on the group contract.

Michelle has lectured nationally and internationally on intuition and highly intuitive people. She recently presented on money and the feelings it engenders in our clients, group members, and our selves in New York for AGPA. Her recent article on understanding money through the lens of affect was published the GROUP journal. She will present at AGPA's conference in Houston in 2018.

Call either one of us to meet in person to explore your membership in this group! Michelle Bohls 512-577-3371 or Dave Kaplowitz 512-814-7127.

SHIFT Therapy and Healing Spaces

Therapy Spaces for Sublet

Private Practice Consultations

As practitioners, in addition to the counseling work that we love, we must decide what our work is worth, manage agreements, promote ourselves and run a small business. I love to share the experience I gained through the bumps and mistakes I made in beginning and building my own private practice as well as what I have learned in helping countless others establish their own thriving practices over the years. Sometimes an occasional individual session to help strategize new directions or support you through a rough spot can be helpful to get you on track for success.

If you are ready to gain energy towards the achievement of your goals, give me a call.

45-minute Individual Sessions, $150

Call 512-577-3371