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Psychotherapy/Counseling + EMDR

Overcoming anxiety can be challenging on your own. Many of my clients find that they
begin to feel better as we explore new ways to see themselves and their relationships.


If you are an artist, intuitive, or creative person, I could be a good fit for you. If you are ready to gain energy towards the achievement of your goals, together we can explore the best way to work.

Relief comes as we uncover some deeper truths. By exploring the stories you tell yourself, the roles you take on, and the perspectives of the others in your life, we can see you as an individual in the context of your life. In this way, there is no need to judge, but rather, together we can understand how your previous choices made sense and find new directions for you. Creative and intuitive people generally find my use of metaphor, archetype, and image resonates with them. If you would like, we can explore dreams, myths, and world religions to draw a deeper understanding of your self and your own story.

You may struggle with feeling overwhelmed, stuck, or anxious. Many people I work with struggle either directly with performance anxiety or at other times in a more general way, like in social situations. Working through stuck places in a relationship or your work can be equally difficult without support.

Relationship work or individual work is really all about figuring out "what you want," and then getting support in that process of change and growth.

Sometimes pain or panic attacks can come out of some block (or memory system) the body-mind is holding. Although I mostly use talk therapy, at times I may recommend experiential therapies that work more with the unconscious 'right brain' and body memories that block us. These therapies often lead to profound shifts in perspective and changes in behavior that we might not "think" or talk our way into.

EMDR or “Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing” is a mind-body approach to change.

EMDR is meant to change highly charged memories for the purpose of reducing distress while strengthening adaptive thinking. This is done in order to reprocess the information stored from previous experiences including emotional traumas and PTSD.

EMDR is one of the best things I have ever found for changing emotional reactions, negative thought patterns, and entrenched habits (and often times even physical discomfort) that people can’t just “think themselves out of.”

EMDR provides the ability to essentially reverse negative patterns that have developed in your brain, body, and nervous system. The end result of EMDR treatment is to reduce and eliminate negative thoughts & feelings, to increase and strengthen positive thoughts and feelings, and to enable you to really be at your best in your everyday life.

Learn more about EMDR for Trauma
& see EMDR Frequently Asked Questions

I am certified in EMDR by the EMDR International Association. For more information on how I work with performance issues see David's Grand's video on brainspotting.



45-minute Individual Sessions, $175
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Receipt given – ask your insurer for "Out-of-network benefits"

Couples Work

Relationship Counseling, Imago Therapy

Relationships are challenging and often end up being the Kryptonite that can bring the best of us down. Most people I work with have success in their work life, and many find that setting and achieving goals is almost second nature. If only relationships worked like that! When these same clients learn how relationships work and get a bit of objectivity with new perspectives, they find relationships CAN be done. Some couples are needing to learn better communication skills in order to lower conflict or to strengthen and deepen a connection. Same sex couples are welcome in my practice and classes. I am certified in Imago Therapy by Imago Relationships International. Learn more about the Imago: Getting The Love You Want Weekend Workshops that I facilitate for couples.


45-minute Couple's Sessions, $225
80-minute Couple's Sessions $300

Receipt given – ask your insurer for "Out-of-network benefits"

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Group Work

Therapy Groups, Group Workshops and Classes

Therapy groups and personal growth classes are some affordable ways that you can explore your relationships and better understand yourself. Group therapy in Austin varies from $40-$80 a week, making it an affordable alternative to individual therapy for those in economic transitions. Besides the financial benefits, group offers some other unique advantages. Many find that listening to others helps them to better understand their own thoughts and feelings. Exploring our feelings and listening to others talk about theirs can alleviate shame and loneliness, and give us greater ease in our daily social interactions.

I co-lead two groups that have been actively going for over five years with Dave Kaplowitz, LMFT. Both of our groups are a mix of sexual orientation, race, gender, and relationship status. The issues worked on vary for each group member with a wide range including making money, decreasing debt, challenges with food, destructive behaviors, all types of anxiety, depression, identity, relationship concerns with partners, friends, and children, career challenges, and procrastination. Many of the members are entrepreneurial and creative and figuring out challenges around being an intuitive person in a world biased for logical and linear thinking. Overall the group is about better understanding our emotional lives, our relational mind, our relationship patterns, and achieving personal growing both as an individual and as a person to be in relationship with. I am certified as a group psychotherapist by the international board for group psychotherapists.

Many people have problems establishing or maintaining close and gratifying relationships with others. Others may want to just understand their current relationships better. You may want to grow in becoming more authentic about your feelings with others and get honest feedback in return. The therapy group creates an environment where this type of interpersonal exploration can occur. Over time most group members experience others in the group similarly to the ways in which they experience intimate relationships outside the group, or when they were growing up. This creates an opportunity for members to learn about themselves and how their early life experiences have influenced their adult relationships. To this end, the main focus is for group members to put their present moment thoughts, feelings, and impulses into words in the moment.

Tuesday Evenings at 4 p.m. or 6 p.m.
Co-Lead by Michelle Bohls, LMFT & Dave Kapolwitz, LMFT

A commitment to attend every week is expected. Group members pay for the month, regardless of actual attendance. The commitment is for six months with an additional agreement made to give the other group members three weeks notice to process your decision to leave group. Three or more consultation meetings are required with the group co-leaders before beginning group so that we can decide if group will meet your therapy goals.

What is a "Process Group?
Unlike the simple two-person relationship between patient and therapist in individual therapy, group therapy offers multiple relationships to assist the individual in growth and problem solving. However, Process Groups use the group context and group processes explicitly as a mechanism of change by developing, exploring and examining interpersonal relationships within the group, using the process in the moment for greater self understanding. Please note that individuals that are suicidal, homicidal, psychotic, new in recovery or in the midst of a major life crisis are not typically placed in group therapy until their behavior and emotional states have stabilized.


Our groups are for adults. They focus on relationships, feelings, and self-understanding.
All therapy groups are mixed gender and sexual orientation. Therapists and counseling students are welcome.

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For RELATIONSHIP ISSUES: I teach the Imago: Getting The Love You Want Weekend Workshop. This weekend can change your relationship by deepening your understanding of the true purpose of conflict, giving you the skills you need to actually create change through communication, and create a map for your own growth as well as the relationship. Register at

Counselors, Students, Interns

Do you dream of building a thriving practice?

I can help.

Our training and education to become clinicians is typically not enough to understand
how to start and build a thriving private practice. For those exploring ways to develop this knowledge
I offer support in the following formats: a one-time class called Private Practice 101,
a Private Practice Incubator, which is a year-long program, as well as private consulting sessions.


Step toward your dream!


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My mission is to help the world awaken and reclaim the gifts of the intuitive mind.

I am passionate about redefining how we understand highly intuitive people while working
to help them harness their gifts for innovation, empathy, and healing others.

I am available for speaking engagements and workshops on related topics,
which can be adapted to your organizations' focus and needs.

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