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Grant Hudson, MA, LPC-Intern (2012)

I had long had dreams of having a Private Practice, but was very unsure how to develop and sustain such an operation. Michelle's class helped me immensely. She helped me to realize that my own interests and passions as a therapist were what made me a unique practitioner, and through the course of a handful of hours, she helped me to recognize how my unique traits could be marketed to take advantage of a specific niche within the crowded Central Texas counseling field. Michelle guided the class through an exploration of contemporary forms of marketing, from internet searches and social networking to simple word of mouth. She taught us how to maximize the marketing potential of each form of media in an aggressive yet graceful and highly ethical manner that seemed to mesh perfectly with my own instincts as a psychotherapist and healer.

Michelle Bohls

Michelle Miller Bohls is a psychotherapist, author and speaker living in Austin, Texas. She specializes in helping intuitive, sensitive, creative individuals thrive in a world that is biased toward the logical and linear. Michelle also specializes in couples counseling, GLBTQ counseling and relationship coaching. Her primary treatment approaches include EMDR, Interpersonal Therapy, Jungian Therapy, Imago Relationship Therapy and Group Therapy.