The Imago Journey

In addition to my private therapy practice and public speaking, I facilitate Imago Relationship Therapy Retreats in Austin, TX.

The Getting The Love You Want Couples’ Weekend Workshop invites you to consider a new perspective for your relationship and offers you a set of simple and practical communication tools to enhance and deepen any committed relationship.

Improving communication in a long term committed relationship is one of the more challenging aspects of relationships. Nearly all couples struggle at times, or struggle with specific topics. What starts out as a simple difference can escalate into conflict before we know what happened. It may be hopeful for you to learn that just a few basic skills are all that is needed to profoundly change your communication.

You will come to understand why you chose each other as partners in a long-term committed relationship; why it is that you will inevitably trigger each other’s best and worst selves; and, find out what you can do, in fact need to do, in order to deepen your relationship.

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