Individual Counseling


If you are ready to gain energy towards the achievement of your goals, contact me. Together we can explore the best way to work. Scroll down for paperwork & fee information.

Relief comes as we uncover some deeper truths. By exploring the stories you tell yourself, the roles you take on, and the perspectives of the others in your life, we can see you as an individual in the context of your life. In this way, there is no need to judge, but rather, together we can understand how your previous choices made sense and find new directions for you. Creative and intuitive people generally find my use of metaphor, archetype, and image resonates with them. If you would like, we can explore dreams, myths, and world religions to draw a deeper understanding of your self and your own story.

You may struggle with feeling overwhelmed, stuck, or anxious. Many people I work with struggle either directly with performance anxiety or at other times in a more general way, like in social situations.

Sometimes pain or panic attacks can come out of some block (or memory system) the body-mind is holding. Although I mostly use talk therapy, at times I may recommend experiential therapies that work more with the unconscious 'right brain' and body memories that block us such as EMDR. These therapies often lead to profound shifts in perspective and changes in behavior that we might not "think" or talk our way into. Scroll down for paperwork and fee information. 


45-minute Individual Sessions, $185
Scheduled weekly unless otherwise arranged
80-minute Individual Sessions, $225

Call 512-577-3371 to schedule an appointment.

A receipt can be given upon request – ask your insurer to find out if you have "Out-of-network benefits."

No Credit Cards Accepted

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